Godly Play Experience


Are you curious about what Godly Play is all about? Do you love Godly Play and want to do more?
Come along and experience a Godly Play session. All ages welcome.


St Andrews Uniting Church,
cnr  Lucasville Road and Green Street

Godly Play in Glenbrook 2017

Sunday afternoons 4:00-5:30pm

Sunday 21st May:  Creation

Sunday 18th June: The Flood and the Ark

Sunday 16th July: The Exodus

Sunday 20th August: The Ark & the Tent

Sunday 17th September: The Ark & the Temple

Sunday 15th October: The Prophets

Sunday 19th November: The Circle of the Church Year


It’s free

Donations welcomed

Contact us

Email: standrews@glenbrook.

Phone: (02) 4739 1853


Are you curious about Godly Play?

Do you love Godly Play and want to do more?

Are you a trained Godly Play storyteller who would like to join our roster?

Come along and experience Godly Play.

People of all ages  are welcome.