Core Training news for 2017

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Planned core training for 2017 begins in Adelaide in January (19, 20 and 21) and Melbourne in February (23, 24, 25) then in April there is core training available at Manly in Sydney (10, 11, 12) and Perth (22, 23, 24).

The next core training is in Melbourne in August (10, 11, 12) followed by September (28, 29, 30) in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. In October (3, 4, 5) there is training in Adelaide again.

Core Training planned for Australia for 2015

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March 12, 13 14 East Melbourne, Victoria
Contact Jeanette for details


April 16,17,18 Sunshine Coast Queensland

Contact Kathrin Koning for details


April 25,26,27 Darlington, Western Australia
Contact Chris for details

June 15,16,17 Manly, NSW
Contact Carolyn for details

July 3,4,5 Barossa Valley, South Australia
Contact Shannon for details

Feedback from the Melbourne Core Training

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“I had such a wonderful time at the Godly Play Core Training. Thank you for all of your preparation, listening and deep respect you showed me and the group. I found it very spiritual.”

“Thank you … I gained so much from everyone’s wisdom, experience and knowledge.”

“What a wonderful three days. A calming, meditative time which is still with me. ”

“At first 3 days seemed impossibly busy! Long days full of prayer, reflection and learning stories – I wouldn’t have left anything out. I feel exhausted and blessed to have been part of the group.”

“Godly Play is more than storytelling – it’s the story of our lives and faith!”

” I want Godly play to become a nourishing presence in our school and not only in RE lessons.”

North American Godly Play Conference 2013

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The 2013 North American Godly Play Conference in Toronto last month was a great success! People came from as far away as South Africa, Europe and Australia, many Godly Play practitioners, trainers, advocates and board members from all over the world came together to enrich and extend their personal Godly Play practice and the use of the Godly Play method internationally.

Congratulations to Godly Play Canada—and to Andrew Sheldon and Amy Crawford in particular—for a beautifully organized conference of fellowship, discovery and play!

Keynote speaker Joyce Ann Mercer presented a three-day journey into the theology of authenticity, vocation, playing and praying, identity in discovery learning, motivation psychology and many insights into welcoming children. Peppered with memorable anecdotes, Joyce Ann’s lectures were engaging and thought-provoking.

At the same time a three day core training went on, with participants and trainers sharing meal breaks and some sessions with conference participants.

Judyth Roberts provided some workshops in intergenerational Godly Play and a range of other workshops covering making materials, using Godly Play in worship and the importance of play were offered. Emma Parr and Amanda Thomson represented Australia at the “Where in the world is Godly Play” session. Jerome Berryman spoke about ‘The Middle Realm’ and his coming book at a feast held in the spectacular dining room at the venue (pictured).

Each morning Godly play stories were offered in a choice of languages and accents including German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Africaans and English in Australian, English, Canadian and American!

The conference ended with a beautiful worship experience using the elements of Godly Play to create a memorable finale.

2013 North American Godly Play Conference